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A Small Dog (reposted from April 4, 2018)

She was just a small dog, but today the world is bit more grey without her in it. She was just a small dog, but if you listen closely to the quiet but incessant hum of the universe, you'll notice a chord is missing, the vibration is just a tad flatter. She was just a small dog but the energy that makes our planet swiftly tilt has dwindled and the earth's rotation has slowed. She was just a small dog, but she was wiser than the most devout monks and studious theologians. She knew the secret of the universe, and she lived inside the present moment every second, with no regrets of the past haunting her or anxiety about the future causing her to worry.

Every morning was a bright new day, filled with tail wagging promise and a happy dance to greet the sun. Whether the day held cat chasing, playing with her favorite toys, cuddling with her humans, treats and snacks, or walks, it was all met with happiness, excitement and a passion for life that I had never seen before.

She was just a small dog, but she taught me so much. How to live in the present moment, how to love unconditionally, and how to be comfortable and completely unselfconscious in your own skin.

She was just a small dog, but every second of life was worth living to her and all promised a great adventure right around the corner. That great adventure could be as simple as slice of peach falling off the counter, but the little things in life are what made her happy, and I learned so much from my time with her.

My heart is breaking right now, but I am so grateful and blessed to God, who put us together in this life. It's 1:54 a.m. and the house is, as expected, quiet. But there is an extra layer to that quiet, one of something small but big that is missing, and it's going to take time to get used to that echoing emptiness.

My dearest Jamie, I loved you so very much. I couldn't go with you on this last adventure, but know I will be with you again one day. I am so much better for having known you. I love you, my girlie girl. Till we meet again.

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