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The fact that you are here reading this right now means you are seeking something. Congratulations! Taking a first step, even as small as learning about something like spiritual companionship, means you are ready to start some type of journey. Will the journey lead to spiritual companionship? Here is some information that can help you make that decision.

A spiritual companion helps you discover your own unique spiritual path and supports you on that journey. To do this, a spiritual companion is present with those they companion by offering deep listening and responding without being judgmental.

As your spiritual companion, I will offer you my intuition and empathy while being accountable and compassionate. You get to share what you choose when you want to share it, and I'll support you and ask questions that will help you reflect and grow in God.

I companion people of all spiritual and religious backgrounds and those who don't have any background at all. This is a gentle journey that will honor your path, not force a particular mindset or belief on you.

I am LGBTQ+ friendly and affirming. My companionship is safe and welcoming for all.

What is Spiritual Companionship?: Quote
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